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Climbing and mountaineering services from Alan Halewood MIC IML

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Rock Climbing Development Instructor

The qualification for experienced Instructors looking to develop a participant's rock climbing proficiency.

As a Mountain Training Scotland Provider of the Rock Climbing Development Instructor Award (RCDI) I can provide both Training and Assessment courses for one of the newest and most challenging of the Mountain Training National Governing Body Training Awards. As a staff member on Mountain Instructor Training and Assessment courses for almost a decade and a Mountain Training Coaching Award Provider I already have substantial experience in the area of preparing Instructors to develop climbers through the process of becoming a competent second and towards becoming an independent trad or sport leader. Read on to find out what the RCDI is all about.

Different students
Skill level? Age? Aspirations? Fitness? Confidence? Experience? 
To access venues, to recover stuck gear? 
Ready to Lead?
What do they (and their belayer need to be able to do) before they should lead and to what level?
Developing movement skill levels outdoors?
Teaching strategies
Peer to peer learning, guided discovery, game sense, contextualisation?
Sport Climbing
What are the differences between developing sport and trad climbers?
RCDI Training/Assessment

Training course £400pp

Assessment Course £360

All of the information required to undertake the RCDI is on the relevant page of the Mountain Training website here.

Please highlight the minimum requirements in the relevant section of your Dlog before submitting your Registration Application and note this may take some time to review (so please don't leave it to the last moment). 

This Award requires a high level of personal judgement and substantial experience of working and climbing with groups and personally at trad and sport venues.

Note that candidates who attend Training with experience in excess of the minimum requirements tend to get more out of training courses and candidates who attend Assessments with experience in excess of the minimum requirements tend to be more successful in terms of the outcome.

Please do drop me a line with any questions or to find out more.


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